Improve Your Life

WAKE Wellness owner, Dr. Tyler Iveson has always envisioned creating a friendly, multidisciplinary space with a team who not only treats but also educates and motivates. Space where patients and practitioners are on a first name basis; where you leave energized and ready to accomplish your personal goals.

Why the name WAKE wellness? Aside from being lakeside in Midland, WAKE is an acronym that encompasses everything our brand strives to provide: Wellbeing, Attitude, Knowledge, and Energy. We believe that if a patient leaves our clinic with these four traits they will have a positive day. Why not stop by WAKE Wellness? It’s not your average clinic.

What People Are Saying

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit and book my next appointment at Wake Wellness. I waited for a friend to have a treatment and it felt like the logo says -Wake Wellness. You definitely feel the Wellness atmosphere, I had an amazing greeting, coffee, breakfast if I didn't have time at home. Many wonderful places in Midland but I am so very happy to have such a Wellness, health felt experience when I walked in the door. What a wonderful addition to the services we come to expect in Midland.

Margaret H.